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About Us

We are a taxi company based in Merthyr Tydfil.

Our Fleet

- 5 Skoda Octavia's (4 Seats) 

- 1 Peugeot Premiere (4 Seats) + Wheelchair Access 

- 1 Peugeot Euro Bus (7 Seats) + Wheelchair Access 


School Contracts

Airport Runs

Wheelchair Access Vehicle

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We currently have a free phone in both Tesco and Asda. The Tesco free phone is based along the wall at the end of the tills. The Asda free phone is based in the foyer. 

We have very friendly and helpful drivers who will help with your shopping. They are more than happy to carry your bags for you and to ensure you are at home safely. 


Our company started in September 2006, where we were based in our home. We were based in our home for two years, where we then decided we needed to move into an office. To start, we only had one Euro Bus, but within the two years of working from home, we invested in more vehicles to help with the business. Now, coming into the sixth year of the business, we have 5 Skodas, 1 Peugeot Premier (4 seats) + Wheel chair and 1 Peugeot Euro Bus (7 seats) + Wheelchair, and currently looking to buy another vehicle.

Our first contract started with schools, where we were then able to build ourselves up and have contracts with the NHS, along with others, and also a free phone in Tesco and Asda.


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